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We build a cloud project management system easily, inexpensively, and quickly. Easily manage all your projects in one place. By granting various privileges to users, efficient project management can be done systematically.

In addition, we are providing innovative technical support services through continuous R&D research on functions that customers need.

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Manage only that task quickly

Project leaders and team members can create and manage tasks quickly and easily. Team members can only see and process rework, enabling efficient management.

A project manager can manage various projects and can grant authority to decide which team members will participate in the project.

In addition, the project manager can identify and manage the work status of the team members of the project through Gantt chart, Kanban board, and calendar.

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Project tracking, statistics utilization and security

IrvinewWorks provides tools to report the activities of a variety of projects, including user activities, work beyond deadlines, completed work, and work according to milestones. You can save activities in all projects as csv files and manage statistics.

Back-end servers and additional technical support services are always ready for safe customer service. Provides statistics of users who have accessed the knowledge management system.

In addition, we protect the site from hacking through a web application firewall and provide free support.

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Become the Protagonist of a Fast Ddigital Transformation!

IrvineWorks™ is configured to store knowledge data of projects occurring in various industries in a cloud system so that multiple team members, members of the organization, and employees can share it.

It is a subscription type that can be built quickly and easily, and helps companies to quickly store/manage their knowledge data resources online and quickly digitally transform them in a way for the company or customers.

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