U.S. Vehicles by Transportation Mode (2019)

U.S. Vehicles by Transportation Mode (2019)

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics: National Transportation Statistics, Table 1-11: Number of U.S. Aircraft, Vehicles, Vessels, and Other Conveyances.
Notes: Source data reported for 2019. “Medium and heavy trucks and buses” include combination trucks, trucks with two axles and more than six tires, buses, trolley buses, demand response vehicles, and other transit vehicles. “Rail” includes light rail locomotives, Amtrak locomotives, and Class I locomotives.

The vast majority (91%) of self-propelled vehicles in the United States are light-duty vehicles. Heavy-duty vehicles and boats account for less than 10%. Trains and planes represent only a tiny fraction of the total, at less than 1% combined.

# Load necessary libraries

# Data
transport_modes <- c("Cars, light trucks, motorcycles",
                     "Medium and heavy trucks and buses",
vehicle_numbers <- c(262410498, 14080676, 11888652, 218609, 32144)

# Calculate percentage
total_vehicles <- sum(vehicle_numbers)
percentages <- (vehicle_numbers / total_vehicles) * 100

# Create a data frame
data <- data.frame(TransportMode = transport_modes,
                   VehicleNumber = vehicle_numbers,
                   Percentage = percentages)

# Interactive Pie Chart
p <- plot_ly(data, labels = ~TransportMode, values = ~VehicleNumber, type = "pie",
             textinfo = "label+percent", insidetextfont = list(color = "#FFFFFF"),
             title = "U.S. Vehicles by Transportation Mode (2019)")

# Show the plot


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